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Smurfs Village Cheat Sheet
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Format / System: Facebook Online Platform (FB)
Quick Description: Smurfs Village is a game found on the Facebook Online FB gaming platform. It may also be available for other gaming systems, in various online browser based formats or for mobile devices and tablets. If you can't see the game help you need then please make a one click request here or ask other players questions about this game on our message board.

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Seed Money: While playing Smurfs' Village you will find you do not have a lot of seed money to start out with so you will have to find creative ways to earn coins.
Blueberry crop: If you have the time to invest you can use the Blueberry crop to earn free income and XP.
Blueberry Harvest: Blueberries are Free to plant and take only 30 seconds to mature for harvest.
Blueberry Tap: Once you tap on them to harvest you will earn 1 Coin and 1 XP.
Unlocking advanced crops: This may take a while but if you have the time it is free income and after 20 minutes of gathering Blueberries you will have enough coins to purchase an additional Garden Patch and as more advanced crops unlock you can move on to those.
Garden Patch: Tap on a Garden patch and the menu will appear. Tap on blueberries which are at the very top of the crop list.
Smurf's village feature: Smurfs' Village has an interesting feature which allows you to look several levels ahead into the game.
Neighbour menu: While in the Neighbor menu (which you can access by tapping on the map icon in the lower left corner of the game screen) you will note that there is a sign at the bottom left of the screen that states, "Visit Random Village"
Random users: Tap on this button and you will be taken to Random Users not on your Facebook friend list which are at least level 10 or higher and always higher than the level you're currently at. It seems the more you visit the higher up the levels move.
Seeing other characters: In these levels you can see Smurfette, Farmer Smurf, Handy Smurf and more.
Seeing others: You will also be able to see how other people that are ahead in the game lay out their villages and it is a great way to get ideas for your village.
Random village Gifts: You can NOT leave a gift for the Random Villages you visit.
Random Village: You can also tap on any house in the Random Village to see how much population is available in their game.
Sneak Peek: Be sure to check out this feature to get a sneak peek as to what is to come if you stick with the game and make it to the more advanced levels.

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