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Forces of War - BlackBerry Mobile
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Game: Forces of War
Format: BlackBerry Mobile & PlayBook (BB)

Weapons: You need to make sure you are well armed using weapons you build such as the Beretta Equilibrium. It is easy to make them and you will need to have an already existing weapon and an attachment you are given as loot during a mission. Make sure you put forth the effort in making the best weapons. You will have a nice advantage going into battle!
Battles: This game is nice enough to show you your opponents record right next to the attack button. It is wise to attack people who tend to lose a lot but will not necessarily guarantee you a win. You will also need to use your skill points and battle abilities wisely. First off, you should NEVER use battle abilities for Trap until you have allocated 250/250 for Boost. You can save your money in the Bank if you don’t want to lose it when being attacked. Secondly, use your skills in attack and defense and you will get the advantage when applying the Boost multiplier.
Skills: Since fighting can be difficult later on in the game, you need to increase attack and defense early on. You could also use it on Energy for missions but I would only increase this as necessary. What I mean by “necessary” is that your amount of energy should never exceed the amount required to do the quests your working on. Its your choice, but I don’t want to hear complaining when your getting your butt whipped!
Missions: Focus on completing mastery of these. You will receive bonuses for each 100% completion mark and items along the. Once you have finished everything, do the mission that nets you the most experience for your energy to level quickly. Keep at it and you’ll build an army quickly!
Bases: The concept for these is a little different from other games. In this game, you must buy land and then upgrade the land with a building. With land, the price is the same for each level (i.e. a small complex always cost $87,500 if you already own 5). I suggest only buying land when you have none so you will pay the minimum, $50,000. As for buildings, the price increases with every purchase so I recommend buying the max (10) every time, if you can. If not, build as fast as possible. You will need the income later!

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